Total Board of Education



The current members of Most Precious Blood's Total Board of Education:


Father John (Pastor/ Administrator)

Carrie Schneider (President)

Maureen McHugh (Vice President)

Gwen Abel

Joe Geniesse

Debbie Martin

SarahRose Van Camp



In checking with Mrs. Gorman, there are no new agenda items we need to address at tomorrow night's

Total Board of Education meeting.  Thank you to all who helped vote via email on some items we needed at

the end of last month.  If other issues arise, I will reach out.


Our next meeting date is February 9, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

All are welcome, the meetings are kept to about an hour. 

They are looking for some additional Board members for the upcoming year.

The meeting format is being finalized with some in person and the option to attend via phone/video. 

More details will be sent out in the future.


If you have any questions about the Total Board of Education, commitment as a Board member

(about 9 meetings per year), or any other questions, please contact the school office at (920) 982-2134. 




Meeting Dates 

                                     Sep. 15          

                                      Oct. 13

                                      Nov. 17

                                      Jan. 12

                                      Feb. 9

                                      March 9

                                      April 13

                                      May 18

             MPB Catholic School

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