Our Philosophy


Most Precious Blood Catholic School strives to develop strong Christian principles, values, and academic excellence for the benefit of all students with assistance from the family, Catholic Church, and community.


As a unique creation of God, each child is given instructional approaches to meet the child’s individual needs in order to promote and maximize the student’s growth and development in all individual, social, and human dimensions:  spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical.


Our school is committed to educating in a safe Christian atmosphere where faith is attained through service to others. We permeate our classrooms with a Catholic environment and the teachings of Christ, to assist our students to grow in love, knowledge and service to our Lord Jesus.  It is the school’s purpose, in cooperation with the parents, to provide conditions by which each child might be led to fulfill a personal call to love God and all people.


Want to Learn More? Tour the School? Register your Child? Please contact us at:


Most Precious Blood School
120 E. Washington Street
New London, WI  54961


             MPB Catholic School

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